Food Color Influences Consumer Purchase Behavior

Imagine drinking black water or green ketchup. You will find it difficult to like them as consumers generally associate colors with their flavors. For example, we associate pink with strawberry or purple with grapes and so on. Market strategists have concluded that an astonishing amount of food looks appealing and flavorful because of the food dyes used in them.

The color of the food enhances the appearance and makes it look vibrant. Consumers have an instant reaction to pleasing and flavorful looking foods. This is why food and beverage producers usually stress to find the perfect as well as safe food color for their products in order to gain consumer attention.

Food dyes can be both natural food colors and synthetic food colors. All these dyes are safe to be added to various food and beverages as it is mandatory for food and beverage producers to strictly follow the health and safety guidelines set by the regulating bodies of their country. Food dyes have applications in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, bakery products, dairy products, seasonings and a lot more. Natural food colors are derived from natural sources such as flowers, spices, vegetables, fruits and more. Both natural and synthetic food colors from Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Limited are US FDA certified food grade colors and are hence completely safe.

Like the food and beverage industry, food color plays an important role in home care product industry. The producers of home care products also use color as an important tool for both branding and differentiation, which influences consumers’ choice. Food dye and pigment companies develop a multitude of colors for products such as liquid soaps, detergents, floor cleaner, toilet cleaners and more. These colors enhance the appeal of products and the unique color differentiates the product from other brands. Home care products dyes, include water soluble dyes in several colors, oil soluble dyes, organic pigments and a lot more. Go for the Best Food Color Solutions Supplier

The food and beverage industry is evolving very fast and food dyes are required at a large scale. If you need customized colors, top dye manufactures can customize colors as per requirement. Their high-quality products can withstand complex application areas. Top dye producers have state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing units, research and development department, to manufacture a wide range of products. Moreover, they offer various packaging options to make sure that the products can be transported safely.

When looking for a food color supplier or a home care product color supplier, pick the one who is both reliable and experienced. Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Limited is a top producer and exporter of dyes and pigments for home care colors. They are well known for their wide product range, consistent top- quality dyes and regular supply. Their highly qualified and experienced chemists ensure that the products meet regulatory requirements and purity standards. They offer their products at competitive prices.

You can have a long-term business relationship with Neelikon Food Dyes and Chemicals Limited as they go an extra mile to meet their customer’s satisfaction level.