The good thing about using smartphones these days is that you can start to track your screen time. You will know how much time you spent using the phone during the week. You can even compare it with the previous week. Other details, such as the apps you frequently use, are available. It will make you realize that your social media is taking up a lot of your time. Even when you’re about to sleep, you still take your phone out and scroll. Considering the harsh effects of constantly using your phone, you have to resist the temptation. These tips could be useful.

Huanggang Don’t fear missing out

There’s a phenomenon called FOMO or fear of missing out, common among the younger generation. They want to always be at the centre of everything. Not getting the latest updates worries them. If you’re among these people, you have to change your ways. Being behind the latest doesn’t mean anything. Besides, you can always receive the information through the internet. Being completely left out isn’t possible. Manage your time well

Another reason why most people use social media is to feel entertained. There are plenty of funny videos online, and even some regular posts are entertaining. If you want to look at these videos, you have the entire day to do it. Manage your time well so you can spare your bedtime. You can watch one short video to put you in a good mood before you sleep, but that’s it.

Another reason why you use your phone is for work-related reasons. If you feel tempted to continue working late at night, it could be due to your failure to manage your time well. Finish the pending tasks by concentrating on them first. If you still can’t get things done, you can always wait until the next day.

fined Think about the negative effects

Sure, using your social media is fun and entertaining. The problem is that prolonged use of a phone could have adverse effects on your health. You will end up suffering from the harsh effects of radiation. The good thing is that you can use an EMF protection necklace from to protect yourself. You can prevent radiation from penetrating your system.

Another negative effect is that phone use messes with your body clock. When you use your phone close to bedtime, the blue light coming out of it will tell you that it’s too early to sleep. Instead of falling asleep quickly, it will take much longer. Before you know it, it’s already time to get up.

Don’t bring your phone in the bedroom

The best way of avoiding feeling tempted to use your phone is by not bringing it into your bedroom. You will think twice about getting up to get your phone in the living room. Use an actual alarm clock if you need one to wake you up. Your phone isn’t necessary when you sleep.

You can’t allow your phone habits to prevent you from staying healthy. Make sure that you manage your phone use well so these problems won’t happen again.